Edutainment Project

Teruo Higashino Specially
Appointed Professor, Graduate School of Information Science, Osaka University/ Executive Vice President at Kyoto Tachibana University


Support for University Students’ Learning and Mental Health

The Edutainment Project addresses issues related to student learning and mental health, which were highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The second phase of this project aims to expand student life and the study support system developed during the first phase. This enhanced system not only provides customized advice based on each student’s physiological and mental conditions but also facilitate connections with the university counseling center when necessary.

Furthermore, we introduce a remote counseling system using cybernetic avatars as a new support framework for on-campus student counseling. This system is designed to reduce the psychological burden associated with undergoing counseling and promote early engagement in counseling services. These advancements will contribute to the effective implementation of learning and psychological support, enhancing student life.