Society 5.0 Realization Research Support Project

This project supports research organizations that aim to realize the vision of Society 5.0 using information science and technology. In the world of Society 5.0, innovations in IoT, Big Data, robotics, and AI will be part of everyday life, helping people lead active and high-quality lives, creating a super smart society. This project encourages collaboration across projects and university organizations, thus promoting faster adoption of research results in real-world society.

* In Society 5.0, people will lead active and high-quality lives by embracing innovations in IoT, Big Data, robotics, and AI.

Overview of the research initiative

The Initiative for Life Design Innovation (iLDi) submitted by Osaka University was the only proposal to be accepted for the 2018 Fiscal Year MEXT Society 5.0 Realization Research Support Project. iLDi is committed to enhancing quality of life (QOL) by a value-added Personal Life Records (PLR) database to promote physical and mental health, improve QOL, and enhance learning and leisure.

Research initiative brochure

Personal Life Record (PLR)

While the Personal Health Record (PHR) is a database of human medical and health information, PLR additionally incorporates data about various daily activities such as daily habits, diet, exercise, and workplace and school activities. This additional data enables novel applications that aim to create a “brilliant life” – a high-quality life with an emphasis on physical, mental, social, and environmental health. Towards this vision, we are driving both social and economic reforms within the University.

Lifestyle research to maintain and improve QOL
Wellness research to improve physical and mental health
Edutainment research towards enjoyable learning

Building a platform to collect and utilize PHR and PLR data

Grand Challenge (Open call for research proposals)

We accept research proposals related to the utilization of PLR, which is the main research objective of iLDi. Specifically, we welcome research proposals on PLR solutions, PLR platforms, and we encourage the establishment of facilities that enable experimental evaluation of the proposed technologies.