Message from the Executive Director of iLDi

Shojiro Nishio
Executive Director of iLDi, President at Osaka University

Osaka University has been promoting the “Initiative for Life Design Innovation,” which was selected for the “Society 5.0 Realization Research Support Project” implemented by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) since September 2018. Osaka University’s activities have been in cooperation with other institutions such as the RIKEN.

Osaka University established the iLDi Headquarters within the Institute for Datability Science, which was founded in April 2016, to pioneer the effective utilization of a large amount of data and establish a new research style. Through efforts such as the development of on-campus demonstration fields, Osaka University is collaborating with various institutions, organizations, and private companies to vigorously promote the formation of verification bases for essential information science and technology, etc., necessary to realize Society 5.0 (Super Smart Society).

Our endeavors include: (i) training data experts capable of utilizing and integrating data, which are highly sought-after skills, (ii) calling for new research proposals from young researchers from around the world, and (iii) contributing to life-design innovation through research and development. Additionally, we work to strengthen the University’s research capacity and maximize the University’s understanding and solutions to diverse social issues to meet society’s demand that multiple technologies are combined to realize practical innovations.

Message from the Deputy Executive Director of iLDi

Takao Onoye
Deputy Executive Director of iLDi, Executive Vice President at Osaka University

This project focuses on utilizing data from various aspects of daily life. To promote such activities, it is imperative to create a system that not only uses personal data with the consent of the individual but also provides safeguards to protect the data.

We believe that if this system can be used to promote the utilization of personal data in a safe, secure, and responsible manner, society can respond to individual problems, which have been difficult to solve. Hence, it is vital to collect vast amounts of valuable data and create solutions to effectively use it.

With the support and cooperation of the general public and companies along with society’s increased awareness of the use of personal data, we strive to nurture a society in which people lead more comfortable lives by collecting vast amounts of data and building a system that enables responsible, safe, effective, and sustainable use of this data.

Osaka University is committed to promoting the activities of this center. We are grateful for your support and cooperation.

Message from the iLDi Headquarters

Yasushi Yagi
General Manager of iLDi, Professor at Osaka University

For this initiative, Osaka University is collaborating with RIKEN, local governments (e.g., Osaka Prefectural Government and Osaka City) and private corporations to form a premier hub for empirical technological research. This hub is essential to realize Society 5.0, and at its core is information science technology. Specifically, the Initiative for Life Design Innovation (iLDi) promotes (1) research on lifestyles to improve quality of life (QOL), (2) wellness research to promote mental and physical health, and (3) edutainment research to enable enjoyable learning. We strive to help people lead a “brilliant life” – a high-quality of life with an emphasis on physical, mental, social, and environmental health. We aim to realize technological innovations and social, economic, and environmental changes from the University.

We greatly appreciate your guidance and encouragement on this project.

At the Frontline of Research

Teruo Higashino
Deputy General Manager of iLDi, Professor at Osaka University

Our Initiative for Life Design Innovation (iLDi) project proposes a new concept called Personal Life Record (PLR) to enhance Personal Health Record (PHR), a database of human medical and health information. PLR incorporates data about various activities such as daily habits, diet, exercise, and workplace and school activities. Using PLR data, this initiative undertakes research on the prediction, prevention, and early diagnosis of illness.

Additionally, we conduct research in the following areas: (1) proliferation of participatory medicine utilizing IoT and medical treatments to respond to individual needs, (2) early detection and improvement of the pre-illness state between health and illness, (3) advanced AI systems utilizing the secure PLR collection database, and (4) AI-based interactive intervention to improve QOL. We intend to build a new society where people of all ages can live peaceful and comfortable lives.

Towards the Adoption of PLR in Real-world Society

Hidetoshi Kotera
Deputy General Manager of iLDi, Executive Director at RIKEN

The government aims to realize Society 5.0, a super smart society where everyone leads comfortable and active lives. The new values generated from innovations in Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data will make Society 5.0 possible.

Toward the realization of a society where people of all ages live peaceful and rich lives, we promote innovation that aims to create a high-quality, “brilliant” life. iLDi utilizes Osaka University’s campus and the surrounding area as a real-world testbed for evaluating Society 5.0 technologies. In partnership with RIKEN and NEC, as core institutions, and in collaboration with various institutions and companies, researchers at Osaka University endeavor to build an information system infrastructure where PLR data can be utilized while maintaining the privacy and security of personal data. We are committed to building a behavioral sensing infrastructure and acquiring diverse data.

We appreciate your continued support of our initiative.