Research and Development of Data Trading Emphasizing Social Acceptance

PM Shinji Shimojo
Emilitus Professor, Cybermedia Center, Osaka University/ Professor, Faculty of Software and Infromation Technology, Aomori Univesity


The first stage of the project, MYPLR®, established a mechanism for data trading based on individual consent to expand the use of data derived from university research outcomes and to contribute to society by enhancing data usage.
MYPLR® functions as a data exchange platform for the distribution of data within an organized framework that encompasses operating rules, review criteria, and procedures. It carefully addresses Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI) and is underpinned by a secure, cloud-based system.

The second stage aims to integrate MYPLR® into society.
In collaboration with PJ2: Wellness Project, PJ3: Lifestyle Project, and PJ4: Edutainment Project, we aim to establish a system to securely gather a wide range of data for social implementation. Following individual dynamic consent, the data will be made available to interested corporations. We promote these objectives through the following three sub-projects.

PJ1-1   Enhancing the Functionality of the PLR Data Distribution Platform
PJ1-2   Initiatives to Improve Social Acceptance
PJ1-3   Challenging the “Creative Data Marketplace”