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Creating a Society Conducive to Child Rearing (Research on Watching Over the First 1,000 Days of Life)

In the Hokusetsu region of Osaka, which is home to Osaka University, the nuclear family and birthrate are declining, while the number of “Kosodate, solitary child-rearing” families is increasing. In Kosodate families, mothers raise their children in isolation without the support of their spouses, extended families, or neighbors. 

It is critical to develop practices to foster support for Kosodate families based on the regional situation. In addition, the resilience of mothers who doubt their parenting skills should be built to enhance their own natural parenting abilities. This project uses the Comprehensive Scale for Parenting Resilience and Adaptation (CPRA), which was developed in the first phase to predict and analyze parenting anxiety, including low-risk cases that have been overlooked in the past. We aim to create a cyber-physical system that nurtures improvement in individualized resilience and supportive connections.